chicken and corn salad

Toasted Corn and Spicy Chicken Salad

A simple and seasonal salad that’s perfect for summer.
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quick chicken ceaser salad

Quick chicken Caesar kale salad

Chicken Caesar kale salad is a great source for protein, so it’s a must have for fitness enthusiasts. Also, it...
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lemon mascarpone chicken pasta

Lemon Mascarpone Chicken Pasta

Mascarpone recipes are a staple and make for a quick, easy lunch. This creamy, Italian cheese is versatile and tastes...
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chicken and avocado subs

Chicken and avocado subs

If you’re not much of sandwich person, or you’re getting bored of this so-called lunchtime staple, then it’s time to...
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chicken rice

Super-fast chicken fried rice

If you need a lunch that’s satisfying and quick to make, the chicken fried rice is the perfect pick. It...
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spicy chicken quinoa

Spicy chicken quinoa

Quinoa is a super tasty snack, packed with protein and fibre, that’ll keep you energised and your stomach full. It’s...
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chicken quesadilla

Super Fast Chicken Quesadillas

The chicken quesadilla is truly delicious and this is the best quesadilla recipe you’ll ever need. It’s easy to make...
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chicken and caramalised onion risotto

Roasted chicken risotto with caramelised onions

The Roasted chicken risotto with caramelised onions is a great-tasting, easy to cook meal you can share with all the...
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chicken cucumber avocado salad

Chicken, cucumber and avocado salad

The chicken cucumber avocado salad requires no cooking at all. This the perfect salad to throw together for lunch on...
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