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Zoom Backgrounds…

Posted on: May 19, 2020

Anyone else looking for ways to make their daily / hourly Zoom calls more fun? After all, in times like these you do have to make your own fun.

So we have literally made our own fun. This fantastic set of chicken-tastic Zoom backgrounds are in great Taste, free to download and guaranteed* to make your fellow call participants chuckle. (*Sort of.)

Download yours here!

Tropical Waterfall: https://go.aws/2WHebyE
Cafe: https://go.aws/3bQCEGc
Lifting weights: https://go.aws/2TjbtwZ
Holiday in the Maldives: https://go.aws/2zan1vP
Stroll in the Park: https://go.aws/3g11DcZ
Relaxing by the pool: https://go.aws/2WJ6EPJ
Classic Taste Background: https://go.aws/36ePJrj

tasteinc maldives
A Taste of the Maldives for your daily Zoom call

It’s Mental Health Awareness week this week and a very good time to consider just how important laughter is, especially when times have been tough. There are loads of health benefits to having a laugh (whether that is because you are calling your work colleagues from a blissful scene in the Maldives with accompanying poultry or something else).

Laughter reduces your stress hormones, releases your feel-good endorphins and generally makes you feel MUCH better. We hope these backgrounds make you smile – and remember it is only polite to dress for your background, so shades and sunhats at the ready, Taste fans!

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