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The weird and wonderful side effects of exercise

Posted on: June 22, 2018

Pushing your body to its limits can get you super fit, but it also comes with some downsides. You may notice some strange side effects when you work out. Our bodies tend to go a little crazy when it endures intense physical activity. But most of these reactions are completely normal! We’re here to clear things up and highlight some of the most common exercise side effects.

Itchy skin

Working out can spark itchy skin. One of the most popular theories is that exercise causes the blood vessels to dilate and open up. Your nervous system may feel this expansion of blood vessels as an itchy irritation. If it interferes with your workouts, stop exercising and cool off.

Your face stays red for hours

Red in the face? That usually just means your body is hot. As you get fitter and more used to exercising, you may notice the redness subsides quicker. You should only be worried if you start developing hives and rashes, in which case you should see a doctor or dermatologist. Redness is totally normal so don’t freak out too much if you don’t see any improvement.

Shaky muscles

Shaking muscles can be caused by a variety of things. It can be a sign of dehydration. If you haven’t been drinking enough, you’ll struggle to lift heavy. Shaking muscles can also be a sign you need more fuel or that you’re using bad form. Whatever the case, it is normal and not usually serious. You can beat the shakes by making sure you’re fully energised and hydrated!

You can barely move two days later

Everyone experiences soreness after exercise. It’s just a result of hard work. Working out creates small tears in our muscles and it can take the body up to 72 hours to repair. That’s why you might feel fine after exercise, but after a couple of days, you get aches and sore muscles. Give your body time to recover and always stretch to prevent future soreness.

Even though you may experience some unusual bodily disfunctions, exercising regularly is still completely worth it! There are tons of mental benefits of exercising, such as stress relief. Working out is great for your body and mind, so be sure take full advantage of every exercise.

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