getting the kids at school on time

Top tips for getting the kids to school on time!

Posted on: March 6, 2019

One of the most stressful parts of raising kids is getting them out the door and to school on time. The mornings can be chaos as a result, which leads to arguments and stress. The last thing any parent wants is to send their child to school in a bad mood. But a few tweaks to your morning routine can fix this. Here are four tips to get your sleepy child ready for school quicker in the morning.

Prepare the night before

To battle the morning lateness, make sure everything is ready the night before. Pack your children’s lunches and lay out their school uniform so they don’t have to search for anything in the morning. Taste Inc. chicken is an ideal snack to pack in your children’s lunch as it’s pre-cooked, buy our five pack and tear one off every evening.

Create a wake up routine

We all have a bedtime routine so make sure you have a proper wake-up routine also. This will get your kids up easier and they’ll become accustomed to the process. Your kids will resist less when they know what’s coming. For example, make sure your child has their breakfast as soon they get out of bed. Make a rule that they must have their shoes on five minutes before you leave. Also, get up before your kids so you have time to attend to yourself. Create solid morning habits for an easy morning.

Turn off screens in the morning

Letting your kids watch TV and play their games consoles in the morning is a bad move. Of course, not all kids are the same but for many, it’s a distraction from getting ready. It’s easy to lose focus when your morning succumbs to staring at screens. So, make sure your children aren’t swayed by their smartphones and other media in the morning.

Insist your child take responsibility

If your kids are older, have them take responsibility. Establish the rules. Explain to your child if they keep waking up late, you will take something away from them like their mobile phone or laptop. This will ensure they keep up good habits and learn the natural consequences.

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