Top 5 Coolest Pumpkin Designs

Posted on: October 25, 2017

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a carved pumpkin on display. There are plenty of different pumpkin styles you can try for the spooky celebrations. It takes a bit of creativity to stand out. Skip the scary generic face and try these inspired choices instead:

Pumpkin Eating a Pumpkin

Carving a large “hungry” pumpkin eating a smaller pumpkin is a fun design idea that’s different to the norm. It’s not too complicated, but you’ll need a power carver and some dry-erase markers. The first step is to cut a mouth-shape hole for the small pumpkin to fit in – make it scary! Next, draw a face on the pumpkin, with the mouth drawn around the hole. Then carve out the facial features and insert the small pumpkin. The key thing to remember is that your large pumpkin should be at least three times bigger than the small pumpkin.

pumpkin eating a smaller pumpkin

Mouse Motel Pumpkin

A mouse-filled pumpkin offers a great alternative to the traditional pumpkin designs. If you can, try and find an oval shaped pumpkin as it will more clearly emphasise the motel motif. Before you start carving, draw a circle for each hole and then cut the holes with a keyhole saw. Fill the holes with rubber mice and you’re done. It’s as simple as that!

Cookie Monster

Why not have a go at making a cookie monster pumpkin? This is a fun design to do with the kids. To start, carve a large mouth at the front of the pumpkin and scoop out the insides. Paint it white first for the base, then coat it with bright blue paint. You’ll need two polystyrene balls to make the eyes. Place two cocktail sticks on the pumpkin to hold the eyes in position. The final step is to fill the mouth with cookies so they’re spilling out and remember to put grease paper inside the pumpkin, otherwise the cookies will go soggy.

cookie monster pumpkin

Fanged Pumpkins

Make a Drac-o’-lantern by wedging plastic teeth into a carved pumpkin. You’ll need a mouth template to lay on the pumpkin, which you will then poke through with a thumbtack. Then cut out the design with a knife – be careful! Also, you can use map pins for the eyes.

Skeleton Pumpkin

Instead of hanging a skeleton outside your door, consider carving creepy human bones and major organs onto your pumpkin. The best way to do this is to first remove all the guts and slime from inside the pumpkin. Then, take a template of your choice to use a stencil, which you can then cut around to draw the design. Once complete, put a candle inside for a cool, spooky effect.

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