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Techness: Top 5 fitness apps!

Posted on: April 1, 2019

From frying an egg to calculating your mortgage, anything that you can think of comes with an app in this technological age! Whilst some of them might seem to be a bit on the overkill side of things, fitness apps are a great way of making sure that you keep on top of your fitness routine. So, whether you’ve tried them before and they didn’t work, or you’re ready to try something new, we’re sure that our list of five fitness apps will get you off the sofa and into a workout routine that you’ll love!

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30-Day Ab Challenge

If you’ve been more ‘worn out’ than ‘work out’ recently, then a challenge is a good way to kickstart a new fitness routine! This app challenges you to take on a month-long routine designed to give you that chiselled six-pack. It will start your workout gently, with a mixture of sit-ups, crunches, planks, leg raises and twists, and then steadily build up over the month as you get fitter. If you’re looking for something that’s structured and target orientated, this Ab-app is the one for you!

Couch to 5K

Running is a great way to get fit: you can do it outside, it’s been proven to be more effective at slowing down ageing than lifting weights, and it’s 100% cheaper than a gym membership! That sounds pretty great to us, but if you need a bit more motivation then there’s the Couch to 5k app from the NHS. This app is made to help you go from a gentle to jog, to running 5 kilometres in nine weeks! Ready, get set, download, go!


Nike Training Club

You might not be surprised because of the endless adverts with celebrities cladded in their gear, looking much cooler than most people when they exercise, but Nike have one of the best free workout apps out there! Nike Training Club has over 185 workouts to get into, focused on different muscle groups, workout types and ability. Use the app with your headphones in three steps: set up your playlist, start the workout on the app and follow the instructions over your music!

Simply Yoga

When lots of us think of workouts we think of straining red faces lifting weights, panting red faces bobbing up and down as they run, and a lot of sweating! Well, why not take it a little easier with the Simply Yoga app? It’s a great way to do exercise stretches, which can help build your strength, balance your posture and help to reduce stress. You can choose from 20, 40, or 60-minute routines depending on what you can manage that day. Each pose is demonstrated by a trainer so you can make sure you’re getting it right!


Want a fitness app that you know works? Well, there are over 25 million people using Sworkit worldwide so you it’s safe to say that it works for a few people! Simply choose what kind of exercise you want and how much time you have, and Sworkit will give you a workout to try! It’s great when it comes to body weight exercises because it means you can work out anywhere – in your living room, in your garden, or even a quickly in the office!

With all of life’s responsibilities, we know that it can be a struggle to keep on top of exercise – but these fitness apps are here to help you do just that! With the different exercises, time-limits and challenges on them, we’re sure there’s at least one that will suit your needs. Using a fitness app is one of the best ways of freshening up your workout routine, or starting the one that you’ve never had! So, what are you waiting for? Get downloading, and get going!

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