superfood pairings for your inner superhero

Superfood pairings for your inner superhero

Posted on: June 6, 2018

Unlock the power of a healthy diet with superfood pairings! The ever-trendy “superfood” actually has no official definition, but one thing is for certain: they pack double the nutritional punch. Here are our top food pairs you should pump your meals with.

Tomatoes and avocado

The vitamins in tomatoes and avocado makes for a super combination. Pair these two together and reap the health benefits! Carotenoids (great for skin and eye health) give tomatoes its red colour and the healthy fat in avocado helps your body absorb the carotenoids, which converts into a form of Vitamin A. Make a salad using this winning combo for a way to uplift your diet.

tomatoes and avocado

Eggs and salad

Boost your immune system with this flavourful pairing. A salad topped with eggs with will give your body more nutrients, including lycopene. It’s an antioxidant which research has shown may reduce cancer risk and prevent hard disease. But remember to skip on the mayo! We know it can be tempting to smother your salad with mayo, but it’s not healthy at all. Eggs and salad are easy to throw together, and a sure-fire way to improve your health when eaten regularly.

Beef and broccoli

Beef isn’t essential for a healthy lifestyle, but your diet can still thrive when eating meats such as beef. Besides, it’s very high in iron and when you pair beef with Vitamin C foods like broccoli, the iron is absorbed into the body more easily. This pair work as a team to supercharge your diet! Low iron can cause fatigue and blood disorders, so it’s important to have enough of it. Load your plate with steak or lamb and broccoli for a super dish.

Yogurt and bananas

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or just trying to eat healthier, yogurt and bananas are a must. They’ll give you a big hit of protein and carbs! They’re a good choice after exercise and a great all-around healthy food pairing. The calcium in yogurt can help jump-start muscle repair after you’ve worked out. If you want to be extra healthy, try eating your bananas with organic yogurt. You could even make your own at home!

Spinach and strawberries

This one sounds like an unlikely pairing, but it makes for a powerful, delicious combination.  There’s a hefty dose of Vitamin C found in strawberries and a strong blend of fibre, zinc and vitamins in spinach. These foods are a quality option together. The fibre in the spinach can lower your cholesterol and manage your weight, whilst the Vitamin C in strawberries will boost your immune system. Why not two kill birds with one stone? A weird but wonderful pairing – superhero approved.

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