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How much? The surprising amount of calories you can burn doing these everyday things

Posted on: August 9, 2018

If you want to burn calories but hate working out, we’ve got some news for you: There are a huge variety of everyday activities that will burn a serious amount of calories! If you’re finding it difficult to squeeze in regular gym sessions, take a look at the activities below for an idea of what you could burn:


Shop till you drop! If you spend an hour pushing a cart down the supermarket aisle, you can burn a massive 243 calories. To make your strolls extra intense, add more heavy items to the cart, such as cans and beverages. Be sure to bag your own shopping! Walk all the way to the supermarket for even more of a challenge. If you’re brave enough, carry the shopping bags home! Too many bags? Make it a family trip – more people, more hands, more bags carried.


Cleaning the house is everyone’s least favourite responsibility, but with a little bit of determination, you can amp up this activity. Why not go into it with the intention of having a workout? Bringing out that mop and bucket can burn around 330 calories. Put on some fast-paced music and move at a pace that actively works your core and other muscles. Turn your tedious house cleaning into a calorie burner!


Gardening is great for improving strength and endurance. The average gardening session can burn over 334 calories! Carrying leaves, raking and planting can help you on your weight loss journey. If you want to crank up your gardening exercise, add in more strenuous tasks, like trimming trees and shrubs. It’s important to be mindful of the muscles you’re using to avoid injury. Also, studies have shown being around trees and plants reduces stress!


Burn hundreds of calories by playing games with your kids. If you want to squeeze in exercise, spend more time playing outside or take your children to the park for a game of football. You could even go for a short hike with your kids, which is an excellent way to get your dose of cardio. If the rain is keeping you indoors, play hide-and-seek or another fun game that gets you active.

As well as burning calories, these activities will burn your energy too! So be sure to replenish by drinking lots of water and grabbing healthy snacks, like Taste Inc. chicken. It’s important to consume protein-rich foods to make the most of your exercise. When you work out, you are effectively breaking your muscles down, so you need protein to build and repair muscles.

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