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Injured? Four ways to stay fit whilst you’re on the mend

Posted on: November 27, 2018

You spend a lot of time working out and building your fitness. If you have an injury, it doesn’t mean all that work has to be put on hold. Whether you overdid it at the gym or you pulled a muscle while out running, injuries can happen any time. So how do you stay in shape when you’re recovering from an injury? Read on to find out.

Focus on your core

If you’ve sprained your ankle or are rehabbing another part of your lower body, get to work on your core! A strong core boosts your fitness and can prevent other injuries from re-occurring. It’s easy to work out your core if you have a foot injury. You’ll be able to do a range of core exercises, such as sit-ups and the plank. These exercises will maintain your fitness and keep you sharp for when you return to training.

Upper body workouts

Your upper body strength is important. It’s something you can focus on if your leg is out of action due to an injury. There are all sorts of upper body exercises you can do, such as chest, arms and triceps presses. You should do these exercises sitting down as you don’t want to put pressure on your legs. Luckily, dumbbells are very versatile tools and enable you to push your body even if you have a niggling problem.

Flexibility exercises

If your injury restricts you to gentle exercises like yoga, take advantage of the opportunity to increase your flexibility. You may have a lower back injury which has put you on the side lines, but you can still do mobility exercises and stretches. You could also do some bicep curls using light weights and high reps.

flexibility exercises

Leg extensions

Hurt your shoulder? Performing leg extensions and curls are enough to keep you fit. Sitting at a machine to work out is not fun, but it can be an effective way to maintain strength in your hamstring muscles while you recover. Remember, start slowly with any exercise and don’t push through it. Stop right away if you feel any pain!

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