Five Reasons Why Chickens Make The Best Pets

Posted on: June 14, 2017

Warning: Make sure any dogs or cats are out of the room.


Believe it or not, there’s no better pet than a chicken. Raising a chicken can be fun, entertaining as well as proving a useful garden ally. And they never need step foot in your house!

Here’s our top reasons to keep your own backyard chickens:

Eco Warriors

When it comes to sustainability, there is no better pet to own than a chicken. They are the best pet going for turning your waste into their food. Also, did you know nitrogen is found in chicken manure? This means you can use their poo as fertiliser for your garden. Or for fuel for your rocket. Your call.

Unlimited Eggs

With a backyard chicken, you’ll have fresh eggs on tap!  Chickens lay their first egg in six months, so this provides a fresh and convenient breakfast every day. Not to mention it won’t cost you a penny.



Owning a chicken is relatively cheap. You’ll have to buy or build a chicken coop, but you can feed them kitchen scraps and they can peck around the garden for worms and insects. Your chicken will be a living, walking, clucking pest controller. Bug killer costs money but your trusty chicken will do it for free. Unless they start demanding expenses.

Top Banter

Like all good pets, chickens have very strong and individual personalities. Some are sweet, some are shy and some are cranky. You get to have fun watching their unique quirks flourish in your back garden.


Team Players

Chickens are social creatures, so ideally you should have more than one backyard chicken. You’ll have the opportunity to start a flock from scratch. You’ll have your own army of chickens! A true mother hen!

When you own chickens, they depend on you for food and shelter, but beyond that they’re self-reliant. You don’t need to walk them, but if you wanted they’d be more than happy to oblige! Chickens can live up to 8-10 years, so be ready for the challenge. But one thing’s for sure, chickens really do make great pets.

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