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Five Countries That Consume The Most Chicken

Posted on: June 14, 2017

From making stir fry slices, cooking up a delicious roast, to munching on a spicy wing, chicken is – hands down – one of the most versatile (and greatest!) ingredients going. But which country takes the crown when it comes to love of the almighty chicken?

Here we run through the top five:

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Chicken is the meat of choice in the land down under. It surpasses all sales for every other type of meat as well as meat consumption daily. Australia have pedigree though as they are the biggest meat-eaters in the world. They consume 205 pounds per person every year!

United States

The average American consumes a whopping 201 pounds of meat annually. Unsurprisingly, there is a high demand for poultry and an estimated 8 billion chickens are consumed over the course of a year in the US. Chicken’s appeal is seemingly timeless with consumption rising every year since the 1960s. Red meat is also popular, to the point that if every American stopped eating beef, it would equal 26 million cars taken off the road.


Argentina, famous for its beef and being the birthplace of ‘asado’ (Argentinian Barbeque), love their chicken. They consume around 187 pounds of chicken annually. In the country, chicken is now more popular than ever, while red meat consumption is decreasing. Chicken knows no bounds!


In Israel, around 80% of the country consume chicken in their daily diet. Poultry as a whole accounts for more than three quarters of all meat consumed in Israel. Interestingly, it is believed that the ancient, abandoned city of Maresha, is where chicken-eating first started. Then, the Romans came along and started spreading this cuisine throughout their empire (and beyond)!

United Kingdom

In the UK, chicken is at the top of everyone’s shopping list accounting for half the meat eaten in the country. Around 2.2 million chickens were eaten every single day in 2013 with 95% of us Brits confessing our love for all things chicken!

Whether you like your chicken grilled, fried, baked or roasted, its adaptability is what makes it so popular. Every country in the world has their own chicken recipes. If reading this has made you famished, why not check out our range?

Because what beats chicken? Chicken that’s ready to eat right away!

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