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DIYmas: Make your own Christmas decorations

Posted on: December 5, 2017

Make sure you’re ready for Christmas and fill every room with festive decorations. If you’re already splashing out on presents, you might want to add a personal touch by making the decorations yourself while at the same time, cutting the costs. You don’t have to be a skilled craftsman to go all out on decorations. So, skip the holiday shopping craze, save some money and try out these Christmas decoration ideas:

Advent calendar

Countdown the days until Christmas with your very own DIY advent calendar. You can be as creative as you want. Use little paper envelopes or muslin craft bags to hold goodies and treats. Add the dates and decorate with drawings and ribbons, then pin them to a wooden bulletin board. If you can think of any other materials you could use, feel free to throw them in!

Christmas decoration

Mason jar Christmas tree

Mason jars can be adorned in many different ways, but have you ever considered creating a mini Christmas tree out of them? Gather six canning jars and fill them with ornaments, tinsel and whatever else springs to mind, and then assemble the jars in a pyramid. Hang a garland or ribbon around it and top with a shiny star. This decoration is perfect for a small table or mantelpiece.

Sparkly pine cones

Pine cones are easy to find and perfect for Christmas decorations. The next time you’re out in the woods, pick up a few pine cones to take home but make sure they’re dry. There are unlimited ways to decorate pinecones, but we recommend using glitter and spray paint. Then place them in a bowl at the end of a table to make for a glamorous decoration.

sparky pine cones

Paper Garlands

Dress up your home with paper garlands. They are the definition of cheap and cheerful! All you need is paper in assorted colours, which should be cut into three strips from each piece. Then, simply create a loop by overlapping the edges of each piece of paper and then glue or tape the strip, and then move on. Keep connecting the loops until you have created a garland of interlocking loops. As paper garlands are simple to make, they are a fun activity to do with the kids. Let your children’s creative juices flow! Be sure to decorate your garlands however you wish and then hang them up in your home.

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