how to eat well on holiday

Balance: How to eat well on holiday

Posted on: July 5, 2018

When you’re on holiday, it can be easy to fall into bad habits. The breakfast buffet is both a gift and curse. Yes, it’s convenient having all that lovely food, but we often end up eating far too much. So how do you enjoy your delicious holiday food without impacting your fitness and health? Here are our top tips on eating healthy on holiday!

Balance: How to eat well on holiday

Stock up on healthy snacks

When you have a few healthy snacks in your hotel room or apartment, you’re more likely to resist the temptation to buy fast food. Pack some Taste Inc. chicken for when you’re feeling a little hungry between meals. Remember to keep them chilled! You could also pick up some wholemeal high-fibre crackers.

Eat mindfully

Try to really savour and enjoy the taste of your food when you go on holiday! At home, we often wolf down our meals and don’t pay attention to the taste. Eat more mindfully, without distraction and chew your food slowly. According to research, people who eat while distracted are more prone to overeating because they’re less likely to know when they feel full.

Plan your days to avoid overeating

Why not think ahead about what you’re going to eat to avoid overindulging? If you’re planning a big lunch with your family, then aim for a small dinner in the evening. Or if you’re having a large meal for dinner, take it easy at lunch time. Have a look at the restaurants and go to the ones with healthiest options.

Try local exotic fruits

Trying new, delicious food is a highlight for many of us on holiday! You can be super healthy by trying exotic fruits you can’t get at home. For example, if you’re on holiday in South-East Asia, you may want to try Rambutan. It’s a tender fruit that is sweet and sour, similar to the grape. The best chance to find some of these unique fruits is at a local supermarket store.

On average, six out of 10 of us put on 5lb during a two-week break! Can you believe it? However, you can stay fit and healthy on holiday. You just need to keep an eye on what you eat and make sure you get a varied diet. But most importantly, always try to enjoy your food!

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