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6 reasons to get a workout buddy

Posted on: October 9, 2018

How many times have you tried starting a new fitness regime only to throw in the towel a week later? If you struggle to stay focused, then it’s time to get a workout buddy! Having someone to work out with can be the difference between staying at home for another Netflix-binge and hitting the gym on a regular basis. Here are the top six reasons you need a workout buddy in your life right now!


You like hanging out with your friends, right? So, you’ll probably like exercising with them too. It’s a no-brainer. A workout buddy will make exercising more fun. You’ll be able to chat to your friend whether you’re running on the treadmill or lifting weights. Working out solo is never as fun as having a friend with you who can make you laugh!


Working out with a friend makes a huge difference to your motivation. Having a good workout buddy who gives you added support can make you work harder, and help you achieve your goals faster. Sure, you could just get a personal trainer, but it’s not quite the same as weekly exercise with a close friend. It’s simple: you’ll work harder with other people around.


It’s easy to sack off workouts when you have no accountability. When you’ve got someone counting on you to meet them at the gym, you’re less likely to skip because you’ll be letting them down. When you have a workout buddy, it’s easier to drag yourself out of bed because you know someone is waiting for you!


Nervous about trying a new exercise? Having someone to workout with gives you the opportunity to try something different. Whether they’re a beginner or a veteran, you could test out their fitness routine and let them help you.


To get results from working out, you need to use proper form. Your workout buddy could help you correct any obvious form mistakes. They’ll be able to keep any eye on how you’re approaching certain exercises. With a friend around in the gym, you could improve your squats, deadlifts, avoid injury and boost results!


We all love a bit of competition, it’s human nature. Competing against your workout partner can improve performance. If your running, you’ll want to push yourself and last as long as your buddy. You’ll have that tiny bit of drive to do better than your friend. So, why not find a gym partner to make you push to new limits?

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