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The 6 best ways to get your child to love school

Posted on: April 5, 2018

Every parent wants their child to love school. For some kids, this come naturally. Others are less enthusiastic and do their fair share of complaining about it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re a parent, use these tips to get your kids on track for an enjoyable school year!

Set up a reward system

To motivate your children to do well and enjoy school, set up a reward system. You don’t have to only reward good grades, but for progress too. If you celebrate a solid effort, your kids will feel happier when they’re at school. They are far more likely to grow into and enjoy school more over time with effort-based encouragement (as opposed to results-based). Depending on the age of your child, you could reward them by going out somewhere they’ll enjoy and letting them choose what to have for dinner, or what to watch on TV!

Encourage friendships

Let your kids know they are welcome to bring their friends home anytime. Ask about their friends and encourage your children to make new ones. Having a good network of friends can help kids look forward to going to school. Socialising is an important part of a child’s development, so be sure to encourage it.


Get them involved in school activities

One of the best ways to make school more fun is by getting your child to join an extracurricular activity. After school clubs and teams will give your child something to look forward to at the end of the day. They’re also a great way to ease any stress your child might have built up during the school day.

Show an interest

Always show an interest in your child’s school work. Ask about their favourite subjects to get the conversation about school going. Make sure the conversation is positive, as children are incredibly receptive to the tone of a conversation, especially with adults. Also, try to take an active role in helping with homework – yes, that includes maths!

Reinforce lessons

Always encourage your child to pursue their interests. If you find they have taken an interest in a subject, you should reinforce what they’ve learned. For example, if your child likes History, why not take them to a museum? Or, if they love science, buy your kids some science books so they can learn more.

Set the tone

Set a positive tone first thing in the morning. We all get cranky in the morning, but help your kids get ready for an enjoyable day by being super positive. Talk to your kids and get them excited about school, so they won’t dread heading off to the classroom. If you are happy and energetic, it will send your kids off to school with a smile!

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