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5 tips for coming back stronger after an injury

Posted on: November 6, 2018

Getting struck down by an injury is always a major blow. What’s more annoying is when you come back in top form and you’re hit by the same injury all over again. For many people, it’s a never-ending cycle. But we get it – you love working out so you jump straight back into where you left off. Well, that’s the problem. Here are our tips to help you avoid getting a new injury.

Take it slow

Many people fear the longer they stay out of exercise, the tougher it will be to get back to full fitness. It is true you will make a dent in your fitness and lose strength, but you can still get your body back in shape. You just need to be mindful and not rush things. Take your time and gradually increase the amount of time you spend exercising and get plenty of rest.

Choose low-impact exercises

For the first few weeks, focus on low-impact exercises like swimming rather than high-impact versions. Low-impact exercises are friendlier on the joints and less intense, so you’ll be able to slowly build up your fitness. If you’re coming back from a torn muscle, for example, the last thing you want to be doing is a strenuous exercise that could send you back to the drawing board.

Eat healthily

The right food can speed up your recovering and get you back in shape. Make sure you get a high protein intake and enough carbohydrates to ensure you have lots of energy. You should avoid processed foods and drinking plenty of water is also a key part of coming back stronger after an injury.

Set new goals

You’ll be able to get back to your old workouts over time, but when you first come back, it’s best to start fresh. That means creating new goals and leaving old ones in the past. As you recover, you can use these goals to track your progress. Goals are a great way to keep you focused and motivated.

Stay positive

Always maintain a positive attitude! Research has shown that those with a positive mindset can recover from injuries more quickly. Manage your stress levels and cut out all negative thoughts. Most importantly, you need to focus on the little victories that are propelling you toward complete fitness.

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