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5 pre-gym habits that wreck your workout

Posted on: September 18, 2017

Without realising it, you could be ruining your work out before you even break a sweat! The things you do before you exercise can have a huge effect on your performance. Make sure you maximise your workout by cutting out these habits:

Drinking a lot of water

It’s always important to stay hydrated, especially on the coming days before you work out. But chugging a whole ton of water is a very bad idea, because it will sit in your stomach and can lead to problems, such as cramping and nausea. Take a few sips of water before you hit the gym. Never force a huge bottle down. Less really is more!

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Skipping stretching

Many people forget to stretch properly whilst some (no need to put your hands up) neglect it completely. Stretching before you exercise is an absolute must, because it gets the blood flowing in your muscles and increases your flexibility, so you can perform and workout to your best ability. Not doing so can lead to injury and muscles strains. You should always stretch for up to five minutes before you exercise.

Working out on an empty stomach

Eating loads (and loads) of food before your workout is a bad idea in itself, but eating nothing will leave you feeling lethargic. It can severely impact with your workout, because you won’t have the energy to push yourself. Eat a small snack – a yogurt, a granola bar or some fruit – it will give you the right energy boost you need for a productive workout.

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Drinking too much coffee

There’s nothing wrong with having a cup of coffee before you work out. But, overdoing it will cause you to crash and leave you feeling zonked! Also, remember caffeine can have a laxative effect – so watch out if you’re planning on an intensive yoga session! Consider opting for a small dose of coffee only.

Not setting any goals

Be sure to set clear goals for your workouts. Goals give your training purpose and a sense of direction. If you’re looking to build muscle, you should obviously lessen the time on the treadmill and put in more hours resistance training. Specific, long-term goals help you deliver the results you’re looking for – keeping you focused in the short-term.

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