foods to avoid befor working out

5 foods to avoid before working out

Posted on: March 21, 2018

What you eat before exercise can make or break your workout. Putting the wrong foods in your body can wreck your training! A lean physique comes from good cardio, a little weight training and the right kind of food. We all know that mustering up the strength to exercise is half the battle, but the real challenge is eating the right food. So below, we’ve listed the five foods you should definitely avoid at least two hours before you start exercising:


Water-based and certain raw vegetables are not the ideal fuel for a workout. While they are vital in our daily diet, they’re a no-no before exercise. Your stomach will spend a long time digesting these fibrous foods. This means you’ll feel full and they can cause cramps in the stomach once you start warming up.



Although nuts contain protein, they are high in fat. The whole point of pre-workout food is to ‘prime’ the body for training. The food you eat must digest quickly to fuel your body for exercise. Fatty foods, like nuts aren’t easily broken down and sit in your stomach. This will doom your workout before it’s even started. Cut out all our fatty meals before a workout, even if they contain protein.


How badly do you want to get in shape? If you’re serious about exercise, stamp out chocolate and other sugary snacks. Too much sugar before working out is a bad idea. Blood sugar levels surge when you eat chocolate, causing a quick burst in energy levels. The rise in blood sugar also causes a release of insulin to shuttle the sugar out of your bloodstream. This can cause a crash in energy levels. Imagine the disaster if you’re mid-way through a run on the treadmill!

Wholegrain breads

Whole-grains are part of a healthy diet, but they’re not a good move when you’re about to work out. While they give you energy, they hold a lot of water and won’t digest easily. You can’t exercise at your best if you feel uncomfortable. Have some dried fruit instead for your energy boost. They’re light and easy-to-consume, enabling you to get the most out of your training session.


Milk, cheese and yogurt can make you feel sleepy and sluggish. It can also increase your stomach’s acid content, which can lead to unwanted burping during exercise. Sure, a few burps won’t kill you, but you might also get a nasty acid reflux in your chest and throat. If you love cheese strings, save them for after the workout! The same goes for any milkshakes. They work best as nice treats post-exercise and you’ll get the benefit of the protein.

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