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5 Best ways mums can balance work and family

Posted on: November 27, 2017

Mum, wife, working woman – you can do it all. Trying to find the ideal balance between professional and family life can be tough though, as well as stressful. Thankfully, there are numerous ways you can prosper in your job while spending more time with your family. Check out our tips on how you can reach an ideal work-life balance.

Get Organised

You need to focus on a plan and get organised. Always do everything the night before: pack your bag and your children’s too, ready for the next morning. Also, make a list of the things you need to do for the upcoming week. It should be a mix of tasks, including anything related to work, family or personal tasks. This way, you won’t forget about doing something important and you’ll feel more relaxed at home and at work.

Create special family activities

It’s important to have regular outings to nurture your family relationships. Family activities can range from eating out at a restaurant to going to the park or the cinema. If you’re tired of the same old routine, try a new type of activity, like cooking together or going on a short camping trip. Holidays are always a wonderful way to bond with the family. Whatever you choose, just make sure it appeals to your whole family!

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Spend time with your partner

This is very important as spending more time with your partner can boost your family dynamic. Make sure you have monthly date nights where you just focus on each other. Whether it’s sitting together with a glass of wine at home, going to a comedy night or visiting an art gallery, be sure to make it count.

Unplug when you’re at home

If you really want to dedicate more time to your family, then you need to be as present as you can. So, a few days each week, give all your attention to your family. Close the laptop, turn off the phone and remove all those racing thoughts about work for the evening. The more you unplug when you’re at home, the easier you’ll be able to reconnect with your family.

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Set meaningful goals

Finally, make sure you set meaningful goals to improve your work-life balance. These goals should benefit both yourself and your family. For example, one of your goals might be to find a better job so you can bring your family more security and freedom. Also, why not get your children involved with goal-setting? Help your child think of easy, fun goals, like finishing a book within a brief time or completing a drawing. If you create goals for your work and family life, you’ll have a sense of direction, be less stressed and more balanced.

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