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4 ways you can combine being a health-freak and a foodie!

Posted on: January 28, 2019

If you’re a foodie, you eat at every opportunity. Food is your passion. You don’t eat to live, you live to eat! The only annoying part is having to pay for everything and it can be tough keeping the calories in check. Not to worry – you can still be a full-blown foodie and a health-conscious person. Here are our top tips for being a foodaholic and a health freak!

Growing your own herbs and vegetables

First of all, you don’t need a lush green garden to grow tasty herbs and vegetables. Growing your own veg from scratch means you can be sure of what you’re eating. When you plant your food, you’ll be able to skip on the pesticide and make them healthier. You can save money at the supermarket as you’ll have a fresh batch of herbs on hand in your kitchen. You can also enjoy the process of growing better-tasting herbs and veg, and channel your inner foodie!

Indulge in some healthy kitchen gadgets

When you have healthy kitchen gadgets, you can prep good meals and save time. Your options are limitless! For quick salads, get yourself a salad cutting bowl and for fresh veggie noodles, try your hand at a 5-blade vegetable slicer. These gadgets are handy tools for cooking the food you love and keeping healthy.

Food + exercise = balance!

As a foodie, you need to find fun, creative ways to balance eating delicious food while staying fit. Why not go for a long walk with your family, partner or friend after you go out for a meal? You could cycle to your favourite deli and carry your shopping bags home if it’s a short distance.

Sharing (is caring)

Don’t be greedy and level the playing field! Whenever you’re eating out or attending food events, share your treats with friends. You could check out a Spanish tapas restaurant and indulge in a huge variety of savoury appetizers. It’s the perfect way for you to enjoy small portions and still feel full. There’s plenty of healthy options too!

There are so many of ways to combine being a foodie and a health-freak. You get the best of both worlds when you mix the two! Staying healthy while eating great food can be done if you think carefully about what is being put in your body. Make a healthy food plan and eat mindfully!

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