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10 reasons to get the bike out of the garage and go for a cycle

Posted on: December 27, 2018

You know it’s there, it’s not going anywhere. No, we’re not talking about Monday mornings. We’re talking about the bike, the one sitting in your garage getting dusty. Let us give you some motivation to rescue it and get cycling.

1. It’s easy.

You don’t need to be incredibly physically skilled to be able to ride a bike, unlike several other sports. So, if you have no hand-eye coordination, and haven’t done any sports before, cycling might be just right for you. Plus, you can choose the intensity of your cycle – perfect for all levels of fitness.

2. It’s good for your brain.

Like most exercise, cycling improves your brain power, by increasing the oxygen flow into your body. It also helps managing mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety.

3. It’s great for your body.

Going for regular bike rides can help you lower your body fat, as well as reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. By improving your overall fitness and building muscle, you will feel healthier and more energised. Cycling is also low impact and aids joint mobility. You will look and feel great, what’s not to love?

4. You will sleep better.

Reduced levels of fitness have been linked to sleep problems, and not getting enough Zs will not only leave you feeling cranky, but it will also reduce productivity and negatively impact your health.

5. Breakfast. Twice.

You need to be nourished before and after exercise, and cycling is no exception. This means that you get to eat before and after you cycle, for nourishment’s sake… The perfect excuse to have two breakfasts.

6. You help the environment and avoid traffic.

Bikes produce zero pollutants, they are a lot more environmentally friendlier than most vehicles and they occupy 20x less space than a single car.

7. Disease prevention/management.

Cycling, as a form of exercise helps keeping your immune cells active whilst reducing the risk of infection. This will mean your body is more capable of defending itself from disease and able to heal more effectively.

8. You will save money.

You don’t have to spend money on petrol every five minutes! Burn calories instead of cash.

9. You get a kick out of it.

After cycling, your brain will release endorphins, the feel-good hormone. We’ll have what their having please!

10. Help others.

The more into cycling you become, the further you’ll be able to cycle – longer and longer distances ride after ride. Some people use this improvement so that they can cycle a certain distance (or from a country to another) to raise money for a worthy cause. So, dust off that bike, get your lycra on and give cycling a go!

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